by Paul Hooker

We stand on evening’s verge
Where laps the night at daylight’s shore 
And wonder at time’s dwindling store
Of light, while light and darkness merge,
And life, against death’s whelming surge.

The heart would take to flight
And soar above the reach of fear,
The anguished cry, the baleful tear,
The dark’ning dread of deep’ning night—
O lift our hearts; O raise our sight!

To evening’s edge we bear
Both day and night, still torn in twain.
But distant whispers Love’s refrain:
Be not afraid: my peace I share;
Let not your heart be troubled there.

Then watch ‘til night is done,
And o’er the soul’s horizon, see
That Day that Love shall cause to be,
That Dawn of time’s eternal sun,
That Light where light and dark are one.