Shape and Substance

meditations on faith and church

Month: February, 2019

Things Divide

For my siblings in the United Methodist Church

Things divide
and fall apart
that once were one
at heart.

Streams divide
when points of land
refuse to move,

new channels form,
however hard
the parting ways.

though it may seem,
the future’s share
is neither dream nor

Island shores
amid the flow
appear eternal.
But slow,

beneath the waves
an inkling change,
and waters over time

to wash downstream
what once seemed sure.
Water—not the land—

Divided things
once held apart
will yet be one
at heart.

We Who Are Alive

We Who Are Alive
1 Thessalonians 4:17; Mark 11:13
We who are alive
wait for fig trees to bear fruit.
Not yet time for figs.
Temples not torn down
wait still for their rebuilding.
Three days is not long.
No sign of rain, but 
clouds of possibility
gather in the east.
Therefore encourage
one another with these words.
It is time for figs.